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“BIO CELLULOSE. Obtained from 100% natural coconut water, dried bio-cellulose is Eco-friendly and biodegradable. Thanks to its high absorption capacity, it carries and delivers a superior concentration of active ingredients. Offering close, comfortable adhesion to the face, it provides an instant long-lasting cooling effect.”

Bio-Cellulose is an ingredient typically used in skincare masks as it creates a protective barrier to decrease irritation as well as replenishing and soothing the skin.

According to Dr. Engelman, bio-cellulose is an all-natural substance created through bacterial cultivation. It was first produced exclusively for medicinal applications to heal burns and chronic wounds. Because they were originally designed for burns and wounds, bio-cellulose masks are excellent for sensitive skin. Dr. Engleman notes that these masks provide hydration and nutrients to help calm the skin. The material adheres securely to the skin for maximum coverage, and its absorption properties have been demonstrated to transport active substances into the skin.

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