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A weightless skin softener that locks moisture in, the 100% plant derived Phytosqualan is an ultra-moisturizing fast-acting oil that leaves skin exceptionally silky.



Phytosqualan, a natural source of squalane, Phytosqualan, in cosmetics, has also been found to help restore the lipid barrier and prevent transepidermal water loss in the skin. Studies show that squalane, a natural component of the human sebum, is responsible for the integrity and healthy appearance of the skin’s surface. According to Sophim, a manufacturer of natural cosmetic ingredients, Phytosqualan is obtained from olive oil and offers properties highly sought after in cosmetics.


Phytosqualan provides hydration, suppleness, and elasticity to the skin. It has a high affinity with the skin and is used as a carrier for active ingredients to enhance their action. It also helps disperse pigments in make-up products and allows the development of a silky, very soft, and non-greasy texture. Phytosqualan has excellent spreadability properties and penetrates the skin very easily.


Phytosqualan is a 100% natural (COSMOS) and sustainable olive squalane from Sophim, upcycling from the olive oil industry in Spain. It is a stable form of squalene, which is extracted from olives and hydrogenated to produce squalane.


Phytosqualan is an odorless, colorless emollient, stable against oxidation, used as a moisturizer and active carrier for skin care. It is a very safe base for the oily phase of formulation, non-irritant, and particularly recommended for sensitive skin, damaged skin, and baby skin as a substitute for synthetic/mineral oil.

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