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ReviewsSeacret Face Serum Review 

Seacret Face Serum Review 

Seacret Face Serum

Applying a face serum is a viable way to maintain a glowing and youthful appearance while protecting it from harmful pollutants. The ideal face serum reverts the effects of skin aging by reducing redness, hyperpigmented spots, and wrinkles. 


Seacret Face Serum promotes skin healing (collagen production), strengthen the skin’s defense against environmental toxins and UV radiation.  Seacret Face Serum can assist in halting degenerative aging of the skin while hydrating and nourishing the skin.


Benefits of Using Seacret Face Serum 

The Seacret Face Serum therapeutic benefits for your skin:


  • Hydrates and softens the skin, especially dry skin
  • It is a natural product formulated with minerals from the dead sea with no side effects 
  • Makes the skin luminous  
  • Improves the complexion and texture of the skin 
  • It is lightweight and is easily absorbed 

How Do the Ingredients Work for Your Skin? 

The Seacret Face Serum combines some potent minerals and nutrients from the dead sea that helps enhance skin luminosity and hydrates the skin. Every ingredient is an individual performer and works to enhance your facial skin quality. 


Evening Primrose Oil 

Evening Primrose Oil is a plant oil commonly used in skincare products.  According to a 2022 randomized controlled trial, evening primrose oil evidently increases skin hydration and stimulates healing.  Its healing benefits may be due to its gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) content. GLA is an omega-6 fatty acid found in plant oils (1).  According to a 2005 study Evening Primrose Oil can help smooth skin and improve elasticity, moisture, firmness and restoring skin (1).


It also reduces hyperpigmentation induced by UV exposure by slowing down the production of pigments, i.e., melanogenesis. So, the Seacret Face Serum significantly improves the way your skin looks and feels. 


The topical application of evening primrose oil enhances the mechanical properties of the skin. Research shows superior results when oil is combined with vitamins C and E (just like in Seacret face serum). The anti-wrinkle effect of the mixture is noticeable. 


Green Tea Extract 

The internet is full of data that advocates the numerous health benefits of green tea extract (GTE). In reality, the variety of flavonoids and polyphenols, such as catechin, and gallocatechin gallate, help impart positive effects. 


GTE is readily becoming a part of the cosmetic industry. The reason for its addition to serums and skin formulations is its impressive moisturizing effect. It ticks the basic requirements of a face serum, i.e., skin microrelief and pronounced moisturization


According to a study, the phytochemicals packed inside the green tea extract scavenge harmful free radicals and promote natural facial skin healing. The topical application of GTE has anti-aging and chemoprotective effects. Another study advocates the use of GTE for photoaging skin

Users across the globe recommend green tea’s anti-wrinkle and depigmenting effects.

The protective role of green tea is attributed to the modulation of inflammatory markers in skin inflammation. It also keeps skin tumor development at bay. You can also notice the immunomodulatory effects of the extract.

In addition to the antioxidant effect, the potent anti-bacterial effect of GTE is also observed. The chemical compounds of GTE provide stout defense against skin microbes such as Staph. Epidermidis, and Pseudomonas fluorescens. Thus, the Seacret Face Serum is an excellent defense against harmful bacteria.

Vitamin A

Facial serums containing carotenoids strengthen the skin barrier against harmful agents. The topical retinoid, i.e., vitamin A plays an essential part in protecting the skin against harmful UVA and UVB radiation. 


The topical application of vitamin A in a facial serum helps promote healthy growth of the different layers of skin. According to a study, the production of collagen aids in reducing wrinkles and fine lines in aging women.


Individuals struggling with acne and psoriasis can also benefit from the Seacret Face Serum. Vitamin A alleviates the symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions by energizing the defense system against bacteria and viruses. 


Vitamin C 

Vitamin C’s antioxidant and immunomodulatory role help maintain skin health. Vitamin C is now added to dermatological and skin products to protect the skin against oxidants. The nutrient is potent in improving the protective capacity of the facial skin against ultraviolet radiation. Special protective effects are seen with a combination of vitamins C and E. 


Vitamin C increases resistance against UV-induced oxidative stress that causes DNA damage. Research suggests that applying a vitamin C serum inhibits pigment production (melanogenesis) and promotes the healthy growth of keratinocytes.


According to a study, vitamin C fulfills the dream of many middle-aged women. The study concluded that the vitamin C complex improves the skin structure and undoes the effect of skin aging.


Vitamin E

This Seacret Face Serum review is incomplete without the mention of vitamin E. The dominant vitamin effectively moisturizes the skin and is a part of most skincare products. 


The antioxidant properties of vitamin E are commendable. Moreover, topical application of vitamin E helps stabilize the skin barrier. Therefore, it plays a powerful photoprotective role too. 


Cucumber Extract 

Cucumbers are great for your eyes and skin. Adding cucumber extract to a face serum further adds to its potential to give you healthier skin. It cleanses the skin and flushes out impurities.

According to a study, cucumber extract imparts a soothing effect on irritated and swollen skin. It relaxes the facial skin and alleviates sunburn pain while giving it a bright and soft appearance and feel.

How To Use Seacret Face Serum

The best way to use the Seacret Face Serum is to apply it twice daily. Wash your face before applying and gently massage the face and neck region after applying the serum. 


  • All-natural product 
  • Boosts skin luminosity 
  • It is easily absorbed in the skin layers
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Slightly more expensive than the competitors 

Final Remarks 

In this Seacret Face Serum review, we discussed the most potent active ingredients that leave a long-lasting effect on the facial skin. 

The serum contains easily-absorbed compounds that increase skin luminosity, hydrate the skin, and enhance its texture. The combination of vitamins (A, C, and E), evening primrose oil, and green tea extract help strengthen the skin barrier against UV rays and toxins. 

The multi-potent serum formulated with Dead Sea minerals not only rejuvenates and nourishes the skin but is perfect for reversing the skin aging effects like wrinkles and fine lines.

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