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Native to humid climates, the Centella plant has famous medicinal properties. Rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants and essential vitamins, Centella extract is used to help fight skin aging, brighten the skin and soothe irritation. Known also for its collagen boosting effects, Centella extract helps plump and smooth the skin for a youthful, vitalized appearance.

Centella asiatica is a plant found in moisturizers, wound treatments, and anti-aging products. It may assist with several common skin diseases, but in high dosages, it might create negative effects. Centella asiatica, often known as gotu kola, is a medicinal herb used in Ayurvedic, traditional African, and traditional Chinese medicine. It is used to heal wounds such as burns and cuts, as well as skin disorders such as psoriasis and scleroderma, and as an ingredient in cosmetics and skin care products.

Compounds in Centella asiatica, such as madecassoside, madecassic acid, asiaticoside, and asiatic acid, may aid in wound healing. This is because these substances enhance the amount of collagen and fibronectin in the skin’s cell layer (1).

According to the above-mentioned 2016 study on the moisturizing properties of Centella asiatica, the herb’s naturally occurring antioxidants, anti-inflammatory chemicals, and carbohydrates may also make the herb beneficial in enhancing skin moisture and offering anti-aging action. As a result, manufacturers frequently incorporate the herb in moisturizers designed for dry or sensitive skin (2).

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