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“Smoothing agents to resurface and refine skin for the ultimate fresh glow by morning.

Fruit acids are a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) found in skin care products.

Fruit acids are regarded as skincare superheroes due to their effectiveness in combating symptoms of aging; they exfoliate, brighten, and enhance tone and texture. Glycolic, Lactic, Mandelic, Malic, Tartaric, and Citric Acid are some of the most frequent. Despite the various fruit acids function similarly, each has its own set of advantages (1).

  • Glycolic Acid: Taken from sugar cane and regarded as a “holy grail” AHA fruit acid by many skincare experts and aficionados, it’s excellent for exfoliating dead skin cells, revealing brighter skin, and leveling out your complexion.
  • Lactic acid: Mostly derived from milk, but also extractable from some fruits, it aids in the fading of dark spots and stimulates collagen formation to smooth fine wrinkles and enhance skin texture while gently exfoliating and brightening. It’s also hydrating.
  • Citric acid: Found in citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons, it has antioxidant characteristics as well as the capacity to brighten skin and erase dark spots. It’s also astringent, which means it can help reduce visible pore size and keep oil at bay.
  • Malic acid: Derived from apples, it helps brighten, tone, and boost collagen production to help improve skin’s elasticity.
  • Mandelic acid, derived from bitter almonds, aids in the control of oil production and acne. Like other acids, it also exfoliates, brightens and improves texture.
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